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The greatest strength of RG - PRIVATE TRAVELLING is its extraordinary flexibility.

With us there are no standardized offers. Instead, we work with you to develop an individual offer tailored to your needs.

For more than 25 years we have been on the spot again and again to get a picture of the changes in the regions, to inspect contracted hotels and to discover new hideaways for you.This gives us a very good knowledge of the destinations.

When you plan a trip with RG - PRIVATE TRAVELLING, you will have a competent contact person who will answer all your questions and organize your trip according to your wishes.

Let us design your dream trip

Our company history in brief

  • 1988

    Galka Golden Tours is founded by the business graduate Roland Galka. The main focus of the offer at this time is on individual tours to Asia.
  • 1993

    In 1993 the company publishes its first catalog "Asian Beds". This marks a milestone in the company's history, as the catalog makes Galka Golden Tours the first tour operator to offer the modular principle.
  • 1995

    1995 Galka Golden Tours takes over the general agency for CHIVA-SOM International Health Resort & Spa in Thailand.
  • 1996

    1996 the catalog "Best of Asian Beds" is published for the first time.
  • 1998

    In 1998 the program of Galka Golden Tours is extended to Africa and Latin America through the acquisition of MEKUNA Tours. At the end of the 90's GGT starts to organize reader tours (e.g. with ZEIT) and enters into cooperations with well-known partners such as American Express and MercedesCard.
  • 1999

    In 1999, the new catalog "Wonderful World" is introduced. "Wonderful World" is not a catalog in the classic sense. Instead, individual travel recommendations are compiled for customers; elaborately designed and held together in a folder by two golden book screws. Since the beginning of the new millennium, Galka Golden Tours has also been active in the incentive sector and organizes versatile incentive trips worldwide.
  • 2005

    In 2005 Galka Golden Tours publishes the proven catalog "Wonderful World" in a new design - as a bound book.
  • 2007

    In October 2007 Galka Golden Tours, successfully established for years as an expert for individual and exclusive round trips, expands the exquisite portfolio of the luxury tour operator Western & Oriental Travel. Together with the Mediterranean specialist Mediterranean Experience and its various travel manuals W&O offers thus a still more versatile product range in German-speaking Europe.
  • 2008

    Due to the economic conditions at that time, shrinking profits and the financial crisis (majority owner of Western & Oriental Travel plc is the banking house Goldman Sachs), the parent company in England decided to discontinue the business operations of the German branch (Western & Oriental Travel GmbH) as of December 31, 2008. This affected all three product lines: Western & Oriental Travel, The Mediterranean Experience and Galka Golden Tours.
  • 2009

    In May 2009 RG - PRIVATE TRAVELLING starts its business operations. The offer is based on the personal service and the former product range of Galka Golden Tours, which, as in the many years before, stands out for its versatility and the tailor-made, exclusive individual tours.

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