Beyond Africa

"There's something about safari life that makes you forget all your worries and feel like you've drunk half a bottle of champagne - there's something that makes you seethe with heartfelt gratitude in being alive..."




This quote by Karen Blixen captures exactly what Kenya and Tanzania, what Maasai Mara, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti evoke - but how can one put into words what one can only experience and experience oneself?!

The diversity and richness of the entire African continent is reflected, it is said, in Kenya in a miniature of God's grace.

Whether desert, perpetual ice, forest or savannah, all vegetation zones are represented in this country.

While the coast stretches for 450 kilometers along the Indian Ocean and the white sandy beaches are lined with palm trees, mangrove swamps and lonely bays, in the interior you will find a diverse landscape.

This consists of savannahs, snow-capped peaks and vast plateaus, such as the Nyika Plateau, as well as the great lakes.

However, the undisputed wealth of Africa is its biodiverse nature, and for this reason about 10% of the land area is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Africa's flora and fauna. And indeed, from the multi-faceted Samburu National Park, to the equator-crossed Meru National Park, to the Maasai Mara National Reserve, famous from the movie "Beyond Africa", with its exceptionally dense animal population.

This is particularly evident during the annual "migration", the migration of animals between the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara, strictly following the motto "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence", the fence in this case being replaced by the Mara River. Every year, millions of wildebeest and zebra follow the seasons and the rains, hoping that nature will always provide them with green grass.

What is impressive here is the interaction of these two animal species, which always migrate together.

The reason for this is a kind of division of labor; since the zebras like to eat the lower part of the grass, it is very convenient for them that the wildebeests have found their specialty in the thinner upper part.

So this is a classic win-win situation in the animal kingdom, so to speak. So it's a real land of milk and honey... if it weren't for the predators, for whom these circumstances also mean paradisiacal conditions.

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Your next destination, the southern neighbor Tanzania, impresses especially in the north with its unimaginable wealth of diverse landscapes and animals.

Here the Serengeti, which means the "big place" in the language of the Maasai, awaits you with another highlight of animal migrations. For the period January to March are the months of new life, as during this time most young wildebeest and zebra are born.

The sounds produced by thousands of young animals cannot really be compared to children's laughter, but these moments when masses of newborn life discover the light of day are indescribable and unforgettable impressions for visitors.

From here it is not far to the Ngorongoro crater. Three million years ago, a huge volcano stood here, but its cone later collapsed due to movements of the rift valley, leaving behind a fabulous caldera.

Here the Maasai, the proud and brave pastoralist people, still water their herds of cattle in front of an immense crater backdrop and it is in this dreamlike place that you will spend the night. From the "St. Peter's Basilica of African Wildlife" you will continue to the coast of the Indian Ocean.

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After the safari through Kenya and Tanzania, a few relaxing days at the Indian Ocean await you at the end of the trip.

Whether it is the untouched islands off the coast of Kenya or the island of Zanzibar, which still evokes exotic images of magnificent sultan palaces, ivory, gold, slaves and the scents of tropical spices; it is up to you.

We have selected excellent hotels for every taste that will ensure a successful ending.

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