From glowing salt deserts, Patagonian mountain ranges & mysterious Moais.

Legend has it that the conquistador Pedro de Valdivia forgot about his onward journey when one day he looked out over the valley surrounded on all sides by mountain peaks, created by the Mapocho and Maipú rivers on their way from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.





He knew that here he had found the right place to found a city - the place for Santiago de Chile, the starting point and hub of your journey to all points of the country: To the far north to the Atacama Desert, to the south of Patagonia, and to the far west to Easter Island.

The gateway to Chile is Santiago, the capital.

Its historic center and dreamlike location between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean provide a fitting welcome after a flight across two continents.

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Chilean Patagonia is a magical region of long forgotten pioneer days.

Nature here is still almost untouched, almost virgin. In the heart of this area lies the Torres del Paine National Park.

Glaciers, turquoise lakes, waterfalls and exciting mountain peaks form the panorama of this wonderland.

In the midst of this natural scenery is the Hotel Explora Salto Chico, which we have chosen for your accommodation. It was built directly at Lake Pehoe in a dreamlike location and offers under professional guidance ideal conditions for the exploration of the Torres del Paine National Park.

Each day you can choose between several different excursions of varying length and difficulty.

For example, you can choose between a simple guided walk through the fascinating landscape and a hike on the ice, which you should only do if you are physically fit.

You can also view the iceberg from a boat and get up close and personal with these fascinating white to dark blue formations. In any case, you will get your juice or long drink chilled with freshly whipped ice before the return trip.

Another highlight is the horseback ride together with gauchos through the vastness of the pampas. While the horses take a break halfway through the ride, you should try the mate tea prepared by the gaucho, a tea specialty from South America.

After returning to the stables, a classic asado is on the agenda. This is meat grilled over an open fire.

However, it is not comparable with the local grilling activities, but has other, gigantic dimensions. Let us surprise you.

Then, back at the hotel, all the amenities that couldn't end the day better await you: a heated swimming pool, a warming sauna, an open-air Jacuzzi overlooking the glacial lake and a delicious dinner with selected wines of the country.

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In the extreme north of Chile is the driest desert in the world - the Atacama Desert.

In the middle of this desert, at the northern end of the Salar de Atacama, lies like a small oasis the town of San Pedro de Atacama with the Hotel Explora de Atacama, where you will spend the night.

As in the sister hotel in Patagonia, here you will have a large number of different tours to choose from.

Visit the flocks of local flamingos or take an early morning trip to the hot springs of El Tatio, visit the moon valley Valle de Luna, so named because it probably looks similar on the moon, or take on a real challenge and climb one of the volcanoes on the doorstep.

And of course you can also book horseback rides, whether you are a beginner or a jockey.

The way the passionate professional guides involve the guests in each excursion is spectacular and, due to the enthusiasm they feel for their work, always a pure pleasure for each participant.

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In the Pacific Ocean, 3,700 km from the Chilean coast and 4,000 km from Tahiti, lies the mysterious Easter Island.

The discovery of the most remote, inhabited and geographically probably loneliest island in the world, is still a mystery today.

The settlers created unique stone sculptures, the remains of which - the Moai - are still preserved today. A trip to Easter Island is a journey into another world with a mythology thousands of years old, which only a few have been allowed to get to know.

Here you are welcome at the new Explora En Rapa Nui Hotel.

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Travel price per person in the double room:

from 15.280,00

  • Scheduled flights Frankfurt - Santiago de Chile - Easter Island and back in Business Class of LATAM Airlines

  • Domestic flights Santiago - Calama - Santiago - Punta Arenas - Santiago in Economy Class of SKY Airline

  • 4 nights / breakfast in Santiago incl. transfers and a day trip to Valparaiso and Casablanca Wine Country

  • 4 nights / full board on Easter Island including daily excursion programs

  • 3 nights / full board in San Pedro de Atacama including daily excursion programs

  • 4 nights / full board in Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia including daily excursion programs

  • Guaranteed individual support


Discover other natural attractions such as the glacier and lake landscapes or the wine-growing regions in Chile and Argentina
...or combine your stay with a cruise of the Cruceros Australis and visit Cape Horn
...or fly from Easter Island further to the South Seas and enjoy relaxing beach days on the dream islands of Moorea or Bora Bora
...or extend your tour through the Patagonian beauties of Argentina and join a bathing stay in Uruguay or Brazil.

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