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Monks in orange robes and ornate temple buildings await you, so does the architecture of the future and bustling city life.

Bangkok, one of the fastest growing cities in Southeast Asia is the beginning of a round trip filled with great highlights.

This metropolis is so fascinating because, in addition to a vibrant metropolitan life, it offers its visitors the tranquility of centuries-old temple complexes as well as the romance of countless waterways.

The friendliness and warmth of the Thai people is proverbial. Let yourself be infected by it. It is certainly easier to live that way.

And not to forget: Thai Food. Ask people in different corners of the globe. The majority will count Thai food among their favorites.

And in Bangkok, culinary diversity is ubiquitous. Whether you dine in the restaurant of a top hotel or have fried noodles with seafood prepared before your eyes on the street at one of the ubiquitous "cookshops," you will be hooked!

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The skyline in front of which it seems that even angels philosophize about business.

Here you stroll past glittering facades, the monuments in honor of money and let the nightly sparkle of neon light confuse your senses.

But if you also keep an eye to the left and right of the large business and shopping districts, you will still find the origins of this city, which are reflected here as Chinese hustle and bustle in markets and small alleys.

A particularly good overview is obtained by a trip to the Peak, the highest point of the city.

And no matter which hotel you choose as your base, it will certainly be one of the world's leading establishments.

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Home of the Gods - as the island is also fondly called due to its beauty, is your new home for the next few days.

Graceful dancers, colorful ceremonies, lush rice terraces and miles of fine sandy beaches invite you to relax. Experience paradise on earth.

Bali is the perfect place to combine beach vacations and adventure tours. Diving, white-water rafting, trekking through rice fields, beautiful Indonesian temples and imposing witnesses of ancient Balinese history are just some of the highlights of this island. In any case also worth a visit are the Balinese SPAs - temples for beauty and well-being of the modern age.

Especially recommended is always a visit to the artist village Ubud in the southeast of the island, which is the most beautiful place in Bali with its offer of small handicraft stores, galleries, boutiques, and cozy cafes.

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After a first introduction to the wonderful culture of Indonesia, the cultural center of Java welcomes you as the next destination to fascinate you with its magnificent buildings.

Feel your breath catch as the picturesque temple complexes of Borobudur and Prambanan magically shine wrapped in the deep red light of the rising or setting sun.

As a base for your private tours, there is a good choice of stylish and luxurious hotels, either in downtown Yogyakarta or in close proximity to the temple complexes.

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This unmissable economic giant provides an impressive finale to your trip, giving you another glimpse of the new, modern face of Asia.

Despite its hypermodern skyline, Singapore has lost none of its original charm. Magnificent colonial buildings and traditional Chinese markets liven up the cityscape and give the metropolis its special charm.

Also worth mentioning is the variety of food on offer, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of internationality. The range of excellent restaurants is almost inexhaustible and a highlight for every gourmet.

However, you will not find magnificent temples in the classical sense. These are compensated by numerous glittering temples of consumption.

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Travel price per person in the double room:

from 11.655,00

  • Scheduled flights Germany - Bangkok and Singapore - Germany in the Business Class of Lufthansa

  • Scheduled flight Bangkok - Hong Kong - Denpasar in Business Class of Hong Kong Airlines

  • Scheduled flight Denpasar - Yogyakarta in Business Class of Garuda Indonesia

  • Scheduled flight Yogyakarta - Singapore in Business Class of Silkair/Singapore Airlines

  • 4 nights / breakfast in Bangkok including private airport transfers

  • 2 nights / breakfast in Hong Kong including private airport transfers

  • 4 nights / breakfast in Bali including private airport transfers

  • 3 nights / breakfast in Yogyakarta including private airport transfers and daily excursions

  • 2 nights / breakfast in Singapore including private airport transfers

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