From the roof of the world to the metropolis of Kolkata

Nepal, Bhutan and India - three religious strongholds that are remembered for their special spirituality by everyone who has ever traveled to these countries.




Namaste - Welcome to Kathmandu, next to Patan and Bhaktapur one of the three royal cities of Nepal.

A gem with winding alleys and hidden backyards in the middle of the gigantic Himalayan mountains. Afterwards, the journey continues to the mysterious Bhutan, a country characterized by Buddhism and tradition.

Only a few people are allowed to visit the land of the Thunder Dragon and share the happiness of the locals. An incomparable experience is still a strong understatement...

The finale is Kolkata, the mega-metropolis and cultural capital of India, Mother Theresa's place of work, juggernaut, poorhouse - make your own picture of the controversial beauty.

Winding, narrow alleys. Life takes place on the streets. Women wash and clean. Babies are massaged with rapeseed oil, while a huge pot of dal baht bubbles to feed hungry mouths.

Women in Nepal have to work hard, visitors have it easier.

Kathmandu is a fascinating city, a huge museum. Every street, every corner, every house is a gem worth seeing.

The Kathmandu Valley is a valley of gods and legends in the heart of Nepal, nestled in the fertile plain between Tibet and India.

For centuries, pilgrimage and trade routes crossed here and Buddhism and Hinduism entered into a unique synthesis. Thousands of stupas, stone temples and pagodas still bear witness to the flourishing culture of the three major settlement centers in the Kathmandu Valley: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur.

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Only a few tourists are allowed to visit one of the most pristine countries in the world: Bhutan.

The small kingdom has been able to preserve its complete independence in the midst of the mighty Himalayas. The people live with and in their culture.

Possession counts for little, but the lived Buddhism even more.

Overnight stays here are in exceptionally good accommodations - in the Amankora Resorts or the Uma Paro.

During the visits to the characteristic Dzongs, the monastery castles, where you can feel the importance of the traditions and the religion, you will get to know the Buddhist life very closely.

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Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) unfortunately has rather a bad image.

But as with many things you don't know, the reality differs from the image. And in the case of Kolkata, this discrepancy is considerable.

For many, the so often sung about city on the Ganges is a neglected and poor city where one is confronted by beggars at every turn. Just as Delhi stands for big politics and Bombay for economic boom, Kolkata stands for the country's cultural diversity.

Despite the poverty, theater is performed on 29 stages and there are 33 museums in Kolkata. Poverty and wealth, culture and stagnation face each other here as in any other metropolis and combine to form a fascinating mixture that is well worth seeing.

Absolutely worthwhile is a stop at the Victoria Memorial, a domed structure made of white Rajasthan marble, or a visit to the largest horse racing track in the East, where you can watch a game of polo.

But especially worth seeing is the flower market, which you should visit during peak hours. If you are looking to define the word work pace, you should linger a bit at this market and watch the scenery.

One would almost think that the flowers transported and traded here wither within a few minutes. The people working here are moving at such a pace.

And the smell! Hello, yes, you are in Kolkata! Actually, you were expecting different scents, weren't you?

Roses in all imaginable colors, orchids and...and...

Or go to the bank of the Ganges and observe there the ritual ablutions or else the body care without ritual.

Or the barbers to be found there. But perhaps the gentlemen among you should rather shave in the hotel.

Water from the sacred river is taken for the certainly thorough shave. On the other hand, this way you save yourself from bathing and still have come into contact with the holiest of waters.

Kolkata is simply a must see and is actually on many paths...!

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  • Linienflüge Deutschland - Delhi - Kathmandu und Kolkata - Delhi - Deutschland in der Business der Air India und der IndiGo

  • Scheduled flights Kathmandu - Paro - Kolkatta in economy class of Drukair

  • 3 nights / breakfast in Kathmandu including sightseeing and private airport transfers with English or German speaking guide

  • 10-day round trip through Bhutan in a private, air-conditioned car with English-speaking tour guide including full board and entrance fees

  • 2 nights / breakfast in Kolkata including sightseeing and private airport transfers with English or German speaking tour guide

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Take a side trip to the Maldives and enjoy a few beautiful beach days at one of the many luxury resorts
...or drive overland across the high plateau from Kathmandu to Lhasa in Tibet
...or go on a tiger safari in the Ranthambore National Park
...or pamper yourself for a few days at Ananda in the Himalayas
...or drive with the famous "Palace on Wheels" through India

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