On the traces of far eastern treasures

This three-week journey takes you to the high cultures of the Khmer to Angkor, to the pulsating home of the Thai to Bangkok, on the river of life Chao Phraya to the second capital of Siam to Ayuthaya, in the legendary Eastern & Oriental Express to Singapore and on the pearl in the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka.





Every visitor who comes face to face with the enormous monuments in the huge temple city of Angkor feels transported back to times long past.

The temple complex Angkor Wat, which is one of the wonders of the world, the city of Angkor Thom with the centrally located Bayon Temple and the proverbial temple Ta Phrom, which is engulfed by the jungle, these are the stations of the first stage of this fascinating journey, in addition to the visit to the capital Phnom Penh.

Both in the capital Phnom Penh and in Siem Reap, the starting point for the visits to Angkor, you will find excellent luxury hotels that captivate with perfect service and make your stay unforgettable.

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Arriving back in the 21st century, we continue to the City of Angels: greatest of all cities, immortally precious jewel, almighty and ancient, hoard of the nine precious gems, heavenly city, built by Vishnukarma - to Krung Thep, as Bangkok, today's capital of Thailand is abbreviated in Thai.

After an overnight stay in Bangkok, we will take you to the river of life, the Chao Phraya.

A river cruise on the Mekhala, a 35-year-old teak rice barque now converted into a luxury vessel, will take you leisurely upstream.

Enjoy the tranquility on board, the excellent service of the Thai staff and the unique experiences of a cultural nature during the visits to Wat Kai Tia Monastery, the summer residence of King Bang Pa In and Ayuthaya, the second capital of ancient Siam.

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You will be greeted with a friendly smile at Hualampong station in Bangkok.

From the moment you board the train, you are immersed in a bygone era when travel was an exciting experience, but without haste or rush.

As you dine, houses on stilts, rice paddies, and laughing children chasing a water buffalo will pass by.

Sit back and relax, sipping an iced cocktail while gazing out over craggy cliffs or the blue sea washing up on a golden palm beach.

It's a treat, and not just for rail enthusiasts.

The experience ends in Singapore.

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Firm ground under your feet again, you have two days for sightseeing and being "seduced".

Due to the many ultra-modern shopping malls, Singapore is indeed a shopper's paradise. But how can you indulge yourself, you want to know?

Apart from the city-state's many top hotels, whose staff are ever-present, offer the best Asian service and are eager to pamper you to the hilt, Singapore, along with Hong Kong, is the culinary capital of Asia.

Due to the Indian, Arabic and Malay influences, Chinese cuisine has a very special place.

The "fusion-cuisine" has not only its origin here, it is also lived in Singapore every day. You could describe it like this: The best of all cultures!

If that is not seduction! Have a lot of fun with it!

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After modern Singapore, another highlight of your trip awaits you - Sri Lanka, the pearl in the Indian Ocean.

As big as Bavaria, this small paradise offers ancient cultures, fantastic landscapes with mountains and tea plantations, old English colonial towns, national parks with incredibly rich flora and fauna, beaches that are certainly among the most beautiful in the world, as well as friendly people who everywhere regard you more as a friend than a visitor.

The originality and closeness to nature of the island and its inhabitants are indescribable.

Thus, it can sometimes come to traffic obstructions, if a three-meter-long monitor lizard decides to cross the road, or an elephant blocks your way.

In such a case, human road users clearly have only second priority. Let us surprise you!

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Travel price per person in the double room:

from 12.867,00

  • Scheduled flights Frankfurt - Bangkok and Singapore - Colombo - Frankfurt in Business Class of Sri Lankan Airlines and Qatar Airways respectively

  • Scheduled flights Bangkok - Siem Reap u.z. in Economy Class of Bangkok Airways

  • 4-day stay in Siem Reap with a private, air-conditioned car and German-speaking tour guide incl. breakfast and entrance fees

  • 1 night / breakfast in Bangkok including private airport transfers

  • 1 night / half board on the Mekhala River Cruise between Bangkok and Ayuthaya including excursions and private transfers

  • 3 nights / full board in a State Cabin on the Eastern & Oriental Express from Bangkok to Singapore including the excursions

  • 1 night / breakfast in Singapore including private airport transfers

  • 11-day round trip through Sri Lanka in an air-conditioned car with private German or English speaking tour guide incl. breakfast and entrance fees

  • Guaranteed individual support


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